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      12V 3000mAh Rechargeable NiMH Battery SC Battery Pack for Power Tools, Vacuum Cleaner and Seeeper

      • Product ID:026
      • Cell Model::SC
      • Nominal Voltage:1.2V
      • Nominal Capacity:3000mAh
      • Battery Features:Safe and Green, long cycle life
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      Product Details

      Model: EPT 24V 3000mAh SC NIMH Battery
      Nominal voltage: 12V
      Nominal capacity: 3000mAh
      Charging Voltage: 15V
      Discharge termination voltage: 10V
      Working Temperature Range: Charging: 0 ~ 45 C, Discharging: - 10 ~ 60 C
      Storage Temperature Range: Storage (1 year) - 20℃ to 25℃, Storage (6 months) - 20℃ to 35℃ Storage (3 months) - 20℃ to 45℃.
      Standard Charging: 0.1C Charging for 16 hours
      Standard discharge: 0.2C discharge to 8.0V
      Fast charging: 0.5C charging for 2.4 hours
      Fast discharge: 1.0C discharge to 8.0V
      Finished product internal resistance: <180mΩ
      Battery weight: TBA
      Battery Outfit: PVC
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