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      22 Feb

      Longhua Dalang Muen Environmental Volunteers Association's general election meeting can be held in quantity

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      Longhua Dalang Muen Volunteers Association held the second general election meeting in 2018 in the conference room of the energy science and technology.
      Hurricane and Muyu, since the establishment of the Muen Volunteers Association by several companies in 2013, it has been five years since the establishment of the Muen Volunteer Association.
      Adhering to the service concept of “from gratitude to gratitude”, by the end of May 2018, there were 2,018 registered employees, including 90 volunteers of party members, and four “five-star volunteers” in Shenzhen and Shenzhen were emerging. One person from "Baiyou Volunteer" and one
      person from Shenzhen "Top Ten Love Figures Nomination Award".
      As the first love company of the Muen Association, Mr. Wang Shoujun delivered a speech, reviewing and witnessing the development of the association for five years.
      At the meeting, Mr. Fu Bocheng was elected as the new president and Comrade Hu Jingwei was elected as the chairman. The Muen Association will continue to carry forward the banner of “One Hundred Years of Public Welfare, One Hundred Years of Muen, One Hundred Years of Environmental Protection”.





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