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      22 Feb

      Battery industry structure adjustment Lithium battery ushered in development opportunities

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      The latest data shows that the global lithium battery market in 2010 was 87 billion yuan, and the Chinese lithium battery market was 25 billion yuan. Shangpu Consulting Electronics Industry Analyst believes that the lithium battery market will accelerate its transfer to China in 2011 due to the earthquake in Japan, and the lead-acid battery industry is undergoing major rectification. It is expected that China's battery industry structure will be adjusted and the lithium battery industry will usher in new development opportunities. .
      On May 18th, the "Notice on Strengthening Pollution Prevention and Control of Lead Storage Battery and Recycled Lead Industry" was introduced. The lead-acid battery industry began to undergo large-scale rectification, leading to a major reshuffle of the lead-acid battery industry. Many domestic
      enterprises were forced to transform. The latest statistics show that there are about 2,000 domestic lead-acid battery companies, and the goal of rectification is to finally leave 300. This indicates that the lead-acid battery industry has been reshuffled, which also provides new opportunities for the development of lithium batteries.
      Analysts pointed out that there are three positive factors in the future development of the lithium battery industry: First, the impact of the earthquake in Japan has led to a decline in the production of lithium batteries in Japan, and orders have decreased, which has led to an increase in orders for lithium battery companies in China. Second, since May 2011, China has The rectification of the lead-acid battery industry has been strengthened, which has led to the replacement of a large number of downstream products such as low-speed electric vehicles with lead-acid batteries for lithium batteries, which has greatly increased the market demand for lithium batteries. Third, the country's favorable policies have been introduced. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will issue documents on energy-saving vehicles and new energy plans, and the subsidies will follow. The downstream new energy automobile industry will be accelerated by industrial policies, and the demand for lithium batteries will increase.
      In short, although many well-known lead-acid battery companies have stopped production, due to various factors such as inventory in the industry, it is estimated that lithium batteries may increase their sales in the power battery field in the future. The growth of the lithium battery industry in the future is promising.
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