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      03 Apr

      Solar Lighting and Energy Storage Battery

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      Highly resistant to extremes of temperature -40/+70C° This product is used for solar lighting and other energy storage device. 6~10 years long cycle life

      24V 13Ah F-Type Solar Street Lamp Energy Storage Ni-MH Battery
      Battery Model: EPT 24V 13000mAh F Type
      Nominal Voltage: 24V
      Nominal Capacity: 13000mAh
      Battery Dimension: Thickness 37, Width 169, Height 365 (Max, mm)
      Charge Voltage: 30V
      Discharge Cut-Off Voltage: 20V
      Internal Resistance: ≤240mΩ
      Battery Weight: 2300g
      Operating Temperature: Charge: -40℃ ~ 70℃ Discharge: -30℃ ~ 80℃
      Storage Temperature: 25℃ for 1 year, 35℃ for 6 months, 45℃ for 3 months or 55℃ for 1 month
      Standard Charge: 0.1C for 16 hours
      Standard Discharge: 0.2C discharge to 20.0V
      Fast Charge: 0.5C charge for 2.4 hours
      Fast Discharge: 1C discharge to 20.0V
      Battery Features: High safety, high and low temperature performance, long cycle life 5~10 years
      Executive Standard: IEC61951, IEC62133 & GBT22084
      Application: Solar street lighting,Energy Storage

      12.8V 45Ah 32650 solar light energy storage LiFePO4 battery 4S8P
      Battery Model: EPT 12.8V 45Ah LiFePO4 battery
      Nominal Voltage: 12.8V
      Nominal Capacity: 45Ah
      Size: Height 75, Width 270, Length 135(Max, mm)
      Initial Resistance: ≤60mΩ
      Charging Voltage: 14.6V
      Charging Voltage: 10.0V
      Charge Current: Standard charge: 0.1C, Rapid charge: 0.2C
      Discharge current: standard discharge:0.2C, rapid discharge:0.5C
      Operating Temperature: Charge: 0℃ ~ 45℃, Discharge: -10℃ ~ 60℃, 35% ~ 85% RH
      Battery Features: safety, long cycle life, high and low temperature performance
      Li-ion Battery Protection: Over charge protection, Over discharge protection, Over current protection, Short circuit protection, etc.
      Application: Solar energy storage battery, solar street lighting


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